Here’s my Camassia bulb availability for this year.
Get in touch if you require any further information to enable you to choose some.
If you’re new to growing Camassia or you want to increase the different varieties you already have you’ll be sure to find some here to delight & tempt you.

Camassia can be grown in full sun to shade & prefer some moisture to perform their best. They are hardy bulbous perennials.

I grow all my nursery stock in containers on the ground out in the open.

Camassia do not like being grown under cover. I prefer to grow them in at least some shade simply because as the firework display of their starry-like blooms gets underway (usually mid-late April to late June) this ensures it lasts a little longer, as full sun tends to put an end to the blooms way too quickly for my liking! Fabulous planted in virtually any planting scheme. Great for containers too! Oh! And slugs & snails don’t touch them either!
What’s not to love!

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