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Shop Uvularia

We are proud to be the National Collection Holder of Uvularia

An unusual ‘woodlander’. Uvularia prefer damp shady growing conditions.

Emerging foliage in spring may be susceptible to slug damage so take steps to protect it. After flowering allow foliage to die back naturally and tidy up afterwards. They will benefit from a top dress of leaf mould or similar each Autumn/Spring.

Keep moist all year around. Uvularia are a hardy perennial and will bulk up over time if happy in their environment. Divide established clumps in Autumn and re-pot/replant immediately.

We supply our Uvularia in a 9cm pot and can be shipped year-round

Uvularia grandiflora AGM

An unusual woodlander with lily-like yellow bell shaped flowers from April-June


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Uvularia grandiflora var. pallida

Unusual hardy herbacous perennial with pale yellow twisted hanging blooms early Spring


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Uvularia perfoliata

An unusual woodlander with lily-like straw- yellow bell shaped flowers from April to June


Uvularia sessilifolia

Hardy herbaceous perennial with unusual creamy-white/pale yellow blooms in Spring


Uvularia sessilifolia ‘Variegata’

Hardy uncommon cultivar delicately edged with creamy-yellow leaf margins


Uvularia ‘Cobblewood Gold’

Rare hardy herbaceous perennial with wiry stems, small leaves and rich golden yellow variegation