Here are some FAQs about Camassia with answers. Don’t hesitate to email us to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you require additional help or advice regarding the Camassia you have purchased from us.





What type of soil should I plant my Camassia plants or bulbs in?


Any reasonable soil that is reliably moist and not too free draining as Camassia love moisture.  pH of soil is irrelevant.

Should I feed my Camassia?


Camassia are hardy bulbous perennials and don’t need feeding.

Why are my Camassia not flowering as well as they used to?


This is usually down to one or two reasons – lack of moisture or overcrowded clump has formed.

When is the best time to split/divide established clumps of Camassia?


July-August as from September onwards their new growing tips can start to emerge.

What pests & diseases affect Camassia?


We haven’t had any pests or diseases affect our large crops of Camassia – ever.  Even slugs & snails do not touch them!

Do I need to stake Camassia?


We do not stake any of our container-grown Camassia on the nursery.

How hardy are Camassia?


Camassia are bone hardy.  All our container-grown stock are grown outside in North Yorkshire all year around with no cover whatsoever.