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I feel very fortunate to be the custodian of two important collections of hardy plants and have huge admiration for the work being carried out by Plant Heritage to secure the future of over 100,000 British plants.

Plant Heritage is the world's leading garden plant conservation and research charity. Their mission is conservation of cultivated plants in the British Isles and a key part of their conservation work is National Plant Collections looked after by their members.

plant heritage logo a with strap rgbHare Spring Cottage Plants is the proud owner of the National Collections of Camassia & Sidalcea which means we have the honour and privilege of documenting, nurturing researching and protecting these plants for future generations of gardeners to enjoy. 

All gardeners are becoming more aware of the impact of climate change on their own plots, which is why the work of Plant Heritage is more important now than ever before. The climate, new pests and diseases and a lack of knowledge all threaten some of our favourite species of garden plants. Plant Heritage has identified more than 500 plants which are under threat and, with the help of volunteers and plant guardians like me, is working hard to make sure they don’t disappear forever. 

Two-thirds of our cultivated plants are under threat of extinction and I am pleased to be able to use my knowledge and skills to propagate and promote Camassia and Sidalcea, playing my part in the protection of these two valuable genus. Across the country, National Collection Holders and thousands of volunteers support Plant Heritage’s conservation work. 

I am a member of the Yorkshire Group of Plant Heritage.  We organise events throughout the year, two popular ones being our annual Plant Fairs at RHS Garden Harlow Carr in Harrogate, North Yorkshire.  For forthcoming dates please click on our EVENTS PAGE.

To find out more about the work of Plant Heritage and how you can support their work visit www.plantheritage.org.uk