I am absolutely thrilled to be able to share the news that I have been awarded my third National Plant Collection by Plant Heritage, making me custodian of the wonderful hardy woodland perennial Uvularia.

Uvularia is a spring-flowering gem that thrives in damp, shady spots, making it ideal for parts of our nursery here in Alne, North Yorkshire. 

Closely related to the lily family, Uvularia have delicate arching stems bearing nodding bell-shaped flowers in a beautiful palette of shades from pale creamy yellow, sulphur yellow to straw-coloured. 

The announcement by Plant Heritage means I am now the custodian of the UK’s National Collections of Camassia, Sidalcea and Uvularia. This is a huge honour, particularly as I have such a longstanding passion and interest in these three hardy garden perennials. I will continue my work to share my knowledge and protect them for future generations. 

I look forward to continuing to celebrate this wonderful plant and sharing my knowledge with other gardeners so that they can discover it for themselves. If you are interested in finding out more about Uvularia and would like to introduce it into your own garden I am always happy to answer any question you might have. 

I have a lovely selection of Uvularia available to buy on the website here.

Happy Gardening!