We are very proud to be part of a network of National Plant Collection Holders that is helping Plant Heritage secure the future of over 100,000 plants.

Hare Spring Cottage Plants are proud owners of National Collections of Camassia & Sidalcea and is one of over 400 plant experts documenting, developing and conserving rare and threatened plants in the UK.

Plant Heritage aims to conserve, grow, propagate and record the UK’s diverse range of cultivated plants and the national collection system is its main conservation vehicle. We and our fellow collection holders undertake to document, develop and preserve our plant collections for generations to come. 

Last year Plant Heritage set out action plans for the conservation of 546 named plants, which were identified as ‘threatened in cultivation’. An additional 28% of Plant Guardians have now been recruited and are now working with Plant Heritage to conserve rare and threatened plants in the UK. 

Around 22,000 volunteering hours were given last year to support Plant Heritage’s conservation work. An important part of the organisation’s work involves training volunteers in plant conservation skills such as propagation and promoting the species that are being protected and preserved. 

As a specialist Camassia and Sidalcea grower our appointment as a National Collection Holder was particularly important to us. It is a real honour and privilege to be supporting the work of Plant Heritage and preserving the many wonderful varieties of Camassia and Sidalcea for the future. 

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