Stella Exley of Hare Spring Cottage Plants has been growing & collecting Sidalcea for many years and following numerous requests for availability and more information we have decided to dedicate a separate page on our website to this elegant hardy perennial.

Sidalcea is a plant in the Malvaceae family – its name being a compound of both Sida and Alcea, related genera.
It is a hardy clump-forming perennial and resembles a small Hollyhock and is an absolute must in a cottage garden and mixed herbaceous borders. Sidalcea also works well as a container plant. They flourish in both full sun and part shade.
They are available in a hue of pinks from the pale ‘Elsie Heugh’ to the deep ‘Wine Red’ and many shades in between. 
The crisp white Sidalcea blooms of candida ‘Bianca’ are stunning.
Upright stems above a mound of green foliage (and interesting ‘hen’s feet-shaped second tier of foliage) form spires with many mallow-like flowers from end of June to the first frosts with a little deadheading.
Moist but well drained soil is key for Sidalcea to perform well - they can be short-lived in heavy wet soils. 
They are generally pest & disease free and rabbits do not touch our nursery stock. If hollyhock rust appears on any foliage cut off the affected leaves as soon as possible and destroy the damaged foliage.

Butterflies and bees love Sidalcea – they are a magnet for pollinating insects.
Propagation is best done by division in spring.

Sidalcea are available to buy from Hare Spring Cottage Plants throughout the year.
They are supplied as mature plants in either 9cm or 1 litre pots.
During the months of October-April the plants you receive will be dormant and showing little or no foliage.  This is normal.

An Information Leaflet will accompany every Sidalcea order.

We hope you enjoy growing & introducing this delightful perennial into your gardens.

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